Our Forever Family

Our Forever Family

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back to 2 Kids

Playing "castles" they play so well together for the most part.

Showing off his new hair cut.

Playing with Journey.

Redneck water slide.

First day of Pre-School.

Daysha's Birthday Party

Using their chore money...

Library time with Rylin.

Journey's Birthday Party

Thomas' Birthday Party

Watching Daysha and Kian while their mom has a much needed vacation.

Toquerville Falls. It was beautiful.

Being silly

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Summer Time with 4 Kiddo's

We have 2 more kids who joined our foster family. Just in time for the summer.
Playing at the park. We had so much fun together
 This was the kids favorite park they would always ask to go to the "Clifford" park. 

Kolob Canyon: Clayton had another Saturday off so we enjoyed ourselves and went to Kolob and went fishing.

The water park once again. We can't get enough!

Grandpa's Birthday. He's getting to be an old man. The kids love seeing him and Grandma.

Silly, Silly Boys! Backwards and up to the belly button. I call this payback for all the times they were stinkers! Hahaha sweet revenge :)

Playing in the sprinklers at the park.

Another park with a splash pad. My camera lens was dirty sorry for the blurry pics.

On our way Camping!

 They loved camping, but Jude and Shaina weren't sure about the smoke. These kids have never been camping. They thought it was the "bees knees". Loved going on the boat, and fishing, and smores, and 4-wheeling. Can't beat a fun time with 4 crazy kids.
 You know about that payback I talked about earlier...yeah... Payback!! Haha
 Catching water snakes while camping.

Rylin came over to play.

Splash park with Hillary and her kids.

Carousal rides. They loved this!

Look at that handsome boy!

Another poop photo. The first time I took a pic of his poop because it was such a huge feat but now he thinks every poop is picture worthy. Also he poops with his feet on seat and then lets the poop plop down. So weird...but hey whatever works.

Grandpa has a new puppy. It's another Boxer, they named her Roxy. The kids are in love and maul her all the time.

Boating with Grandpa. Love the beautiful scenery! The kids enjoyed it and didn't want to get off the boat. Thomas is so great in the water and isn't afraid of anything. Good thing we have a good lifejacket for him.

The STG city pool. Everyone from Clayton's family got together and we all had a big pool party. The kids had a blast and it kept them busy for the whole day.

Another splash park. We go to the park at least 5 times a week. It's perfect to get all their energy out, plus it's nice for me connect and play with them.

River day. We decided to switch it up and go down to the river.

Thomas' Grandma Great's cupcakes. Enjoying them while at the park.

Father's Day. The kids helped me put together this awesome Father's day gift. He is absolutely the most amazing Dad there is. He works so hard everyday, he loves these kids, plays with them, takes them out to do fun things. He is absolutely amazing. I scored big when we tied the knot.

We had been talking a lot about the temple so after we took Shaina to group we took the 3 kiddo's to see it.

Another park day.

Shaina got upset we went to the temple without her so we decided one day after group to go there. (nothing's ever as simple with Shaina tagging on). It was not as fun as the time before.

After library time we went to see our baby. The kids are showing off their amazing masks.

Breakfast time. Thomas has both legs in the same leg hole. That's the reason for this picture.

Summit Pool party. There were so many people but it was fun and all the kids had a blast. This was right before our reunion started so Stacey, and Janet and my parents all came too.

It's exhausting being a kid and playing all day :)

Reunion time at Grandpa's house.

Another Carousal ride.

Clayton playing toys with the kids. They love playing and especially love it when Daddy plays with them.

Fourth of July and continuation of the reunion.

They found a ground snake.

 Lake time for the family reunion.
 Waiting for the truck to be done (Shaina kicked in the ac vent, she's a pure joy...NOT)

Playing in the rain. We were on our way to a visit and it started pouring rain so we took advantage and played in it for a min.

River time again!

The rain made a HUGE puddle at the park so we decided to go and enjoy the weather. It didn't take long for all the kids to get soaking wet.


The Candy store. They think it's so fun to use the money they earned doing chores to go and buy old fashioned candy. Love teaching them fun ways to be responsible.

Another payback photo. Another day on the lake.

Finally some time with just Arianna and Thomas. They love each other and Thomas is always looking after his little sister. It's been nice having Shaina and Jude because Thomas and Arianna have learned to have each other because they have each other.

I love this picture. Times like this make me realize why we are doing Foster Care. Sometimes I wonder what the world I was thinking, but knowing im here to create some good memories while they are away from their parents helps ease the craziness.

Jeep ride and hike to the "crystal city".

Camping time again. This time we went to Tropic and Bryce Canyon. We went with Clayton's family and Brother. The kids had a lot of fun playing with all the other kids and it was nice for me not to entertain them every second (like our previous campout).

Fun times around the house.

Washington County Fair. Petting Zoo and fun rides (I can't believe how much money paying for 4 kids to ride rides would cost). Dang they don't pay me enough!!

Playing in Granny's tree after Sunday Dinner. This was the day before Jude and Shaina left. We had a big going away party for them. It was sad to see them go but I knew it was for the best.

WELCOME baby PAISLEY. She came safe and sound and beautiful. Arianna's obsessed over her and calls all her babies at home Paisley. It's so crazy because she was conceived right around the days that December passed. Paisley doesn't look anything like her parents or her big sister, she actually looks a lot like December. I love how she reminds me of my sweet angel waiting for me up above.

Salt Lake Trip. We went to Toys R Us and the kids were in HEAVEN.
 Riding Uncle Justin's pony. Their pony is so good and gentle. I can't even tell you what going to SL without Shaina was like. It went from pure Hell to peaceful and amazing in a matter of hours after she left. I'm still amazed how one little girl can have that many issues and make life miserable for everyone around her. I feel so bad for her and I will never understand how God allows for these kids to go to certain homes and then not allow children to enter others. I hope that this fostering thing is really what we are suppose to be doing. This is so ridiculously hard to change their behaviors and help them immensely just to give them back to the people who messed them up. UUGGHH Ok vent over.